We tried reusable makeup remover pads…

We tried reusable makeup remover pads…

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This article is a little different but as we are all about embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, we thought why not include some beauty content for our majority female community! I was eager to find a more sustainable alternative to face wipes and disposable cotton pads so I began searching and came across a number of reusable options out there on the market and chose to give reusable makeup remover pads a go. There are a number of different brands selling similar versions of these pads but most are made from either cotton (some organic), bamboo or microfibre material so there are a few to choose from. I went with a microfibre option with a satin border and it came in a 3 pack in white, cream and brown for light, normal and heavy makeup, respectively.

Photo by Rosette Ale

Face Halo describes these pads as the “modern makeup remover” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s changed the game and I am totally converted. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), wipes are made from a combination of cotton, polyester, wood pulp and more, making it difficult to biodegrade. Therefore, it takes years to break down in landfill, if at all, and negatively impacts our environment. This is what motivated my search to be honest. Also, wet wipes account for 93% of sewer blockages, according to Water UK and their fibres also contaminate the water systems. So although wipes can be convenient at times, we should all know by now that single use anything is bad for our planet.

“Wet wipes account for 93% of sewer blockages, according to Water UK.”

I thoroughly enjoyed using these reusable makeup remover pads over the past month or so. They really are effective in removing makeup and coming from me that’s impressive as I wear quite a lot of matte makeup, setting spray and colourful eye makeup. I’ve been using them with tap water or micellar water if my makeup is a bit heavier and it does the job perfectly. It’s also double-sided which is great as you can get a deeper clean with the other side. I would definitely recommend swapping over to these; aim to switch from disposable to reusable with any and everything you buy.

My last, and certainly not least point, is reusable makeup remover pads saves you money. On average, makeup wipes cost between £1-4 for a pack of 25 which let’s say gets replaced every few weeks to a month. That’s about £30 on average every year on something you chuck in the bin, harms the environment and is mostly not great for your skin anyway. Instead, you could spend anywhere between £2-10 (or more) on a pack of reusable pads which will last you hundreds of washes and help save the environment. The power is in your hands!


Affordability - 10/10 - Very affordable with lots of options online

Effectiveness - 9/10 - Removes makeup very effectively

Convenience - 7/10 - You have to wash the makeup out afterwards so that will take some time

Sustainability - 9.5/10 - Much better than single use but some are made from cotton which uses a lot of water in production or polyester which is bad for the environment

Written by Rosette Ale.

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