In need of a reset in your life and wardrobe?

In need of a reset in your life and wardrobe?

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Sometimes you just need a fresh start. Whether you’re feeling stuck in your job, overwhelmed by your responsibilities, or struggling to re-enter the world after a global pandemic, there’s nothing like a little life reset to wipe the slate clean. Changing up your routine or your surroundings is a great way to build confidence and reprioritise what matters most in your life. 


Revamp Your Wardrobe

A fresh start involves every aspect of your life, including your personal style. Your wardrobe can have a powerful influence on your self-perception. If you feel like your clothing no longer represents who you are, it’s time to declutter your closet and go shopping. Put together a wardrobe that makes you feel like the most beautiful and confident version of yourself. Shop from brands that align with your personal values, like People Tree, Baukjen, and Revival London, a sustainable denim brand focused on female empowerment. It’s important to feel good about the clothes you’re wearing!

Freshen Up Your Home

Your home is a reflection of your mind. Studies have found that your living space can affect your mental and physical wellbeing in numerous ways. For example, living in clutter often increases stress. Psychology Today explains that clutter occupies your mind with distracting stimuli, draws your attention away from things that are more important, and makes it difficult to relax. 

Beyond this, clutter is a constant reminder that things need to be cleaned, organised, or otherwise dealt with—which is bound to elicit feelings of guilt and frustration. Do some decluttering and cleaning to turn your home into a refreshing and calming space. This will elevate the energy in your home and ease tension for everyone under your roof!

Make a Career Change

Making the leap to a new career is one of the most impactful ways to change your life. If you’re feeling bored, overworked, under-utilised, or otherwise unfulfilled in your current career, don’t waste another minute. Start looking for a new job! Doing something that you feel you were meant to be doing can offer an incredible confidence boost.

Move Somewhere New

For most of us, life stood still during the pandemic. Moving somewhere new is a great way to get out of a rut when life becomes stagnant. Day One Community explains that moving can help you benefit from a lower cost of living and better job opportunities, both of which can boost your quality of life. You may also want to move to get away from toxic people or be closer to those who make you feel your best. Just be sure to take advantage of your move to make positive changes to your lifestyle!

As the pandemic winds down, you might be ready to get back out there and interact with the world again. This is a great opportunity to build confidence with a fresh start!

Looking for sustainable fashion? Check out the Revival London shop for bold fashion pieces made from reclaimed textiles.

Written by Tina Martin.


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