How to: make your jeans last longer

How to: make your jeans last longer

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Did you know it takes 75 litres of water to make a pair of jeans? And all too quickly they end up being stretched out, faded and wrinkled to death so we’ve compiled some quick tips to help you lengthen the lifetime of your jeans and enjoy them for longer.

1. Wash on low temperature
Denim doesn’t need high temperature to be washed so 30 degrees is just fine. This will not only help the environment but will also lessen the possible heat damage. As soon as the cycle is done take your jeans out of the washing machine to avoid creasing. Also, be sure to turn them inside out before washing as this will protect the outer surface.

2. Wash fewer times
Washing anything too often will cause the material to fade and the fibres to get weak much quicker. Denim especially doesn’t need frequent washing as it’s so durable and breathable; you can pop them back into your wardrobe after several wears and spot clean any marks, stains or dirt.

3. Air dry > tumble dry
Air drying is the best way to dry jeans. Avoid using a dryer after washing them and stick to air drying as this lets them breathe and stops any possible shrinkage and drying out of the cotton. If your jeans contain elastane (stretchy stuff) then this is even more crucial as the heat can damage the elastane fibres and hence your jeans will start to lose their elasticity.

4. Denim restoration
If your jeans happen to have some wear and tear after a while, fear not. You can visit your local dry cleaners or tailor service and get them fixed or you can purchase denim patches to mend them yourself! Hemline have some really great denim patches in a variety of shades and some are even iron-on so are very quick to attach and no sewing needed.

We hope this has been helpful and please share with everyone you know who owns a pair of jeans!

How old is the oldest pair of jeans in your wardrobe, let us know in the comments.

Written by Rosette Ale.


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