How to: lengthen the lifetime of your white tee

How to: lengthen the lifetime of your white tee

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1. Take note of the wash guidelines

We all know that the fewer times you wash your clothes, the longer it lasts. However, for a white t-shirt, it is harder to wear it for more than a couple of times before you inevitably get it dirty or stain it. So instead, you can wash it with fewer clothes in your washing machine. With more space and less friction, your white t-shirt will not be worn down as quickly than if you put it in with more clothes that can rub against it. You could also wash clothing with rougher fabrics, like denim, and clothing with zippers, studs, and buttons separately from your white t-shirt to prevent further snagging and wearing out of the fabric.

2. Remove stains ASAP

A stain-removing pen is a good investment for prolonging the life of your white t-shirt. If you are outside and you accidentally spill some ice cream or ketchup on your shirt, whip out the stain-removing pen and then when you get home and scrub it out with cold water. Then wash it properly with your next load. This is better than using bleach because if your t-shirt is not 100% cotton, bleach can quickly turn your white t-shirt yellow.

3. Mend

Having a hole in your perfect white t-shirt isn’t the end of the world. Get to know your local tailor as you visit them to repair your t-shirt, along with other clothing that you wish to keep wearing. If it is a simple wear and tear, it is simple to fix it yourself. If you don’t know how to do that, YouTube videos are a great resource during these quaran-times to pick up a new skill.

4. Prevent pesky moths

If you live in the UK, you are likely to have experienced the heartbreak caused by moths eating holes into your clothes. If your white t-shirt costs a pretty penny, consider storing them in cotton clothing bags or you can also pick up some cedar-wood or lavender-scented paper, which repel moths, and place them in your wardrobe.

Written by Ada Quek.

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